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Facebook Business Manager for your band page

Ok, so you have your Facebook and Instagram accounts all setup and optimized (need help? Read our guide). You can post all the updates you want, share photos and videos from your shows, promote new music, post whatever you want. You’ll reach your fans that way, and that’s a good thing.

But, you want more people to hear your music right? Get new people to hear your music or watch a video, then they’ll come to your show, buy some you’ve turned a non-fan into a revenue stream! Problem is, it’s hard to get new fans on Facebook just through organic posts (regular shares). Facebook ads let you reach new audiences that are more than your fans/friends and friends of friends - you can target ads to audiences that look like your fans, or are interested in the things you think they’re interested in. We'll go into more detail on audiences in another post, but before you can do that, you’ll need to setup your Facebook Business Manager. It sounds like a lot, but it’s pretty easy. It'll make managing your account a lot easier. If you want certain people to have access to your page or Facebook ad account, you can control everything from here.

  1. Go to

Login to Facebook if you haven’t already, and it’ll give you the option to create a new account. If it’s just you running your ads, you don’t necessarily need one, but it makes it easier to manage access (other users like bandmates, labels, PR firms, other ad accounts, etc.) from one place.

  1. On the left, click on Accounts -> Pages

From the pages column, click “Add Page” and select one of the 3 options. Assuming you already have a Facebook page, click 'Claim a Page' - easy enough, now you have a Business Manager account.

  • ‘Claim a Page’
  • ‘Request Access to a Page’
  • ‘Create a New Page’

Now that your business manager is setup, you can create your first ad. We'll have another step by step post on how to get up and running. Don’t feel like setting this up yourself, or want help figuring it out? Email us and we’ll get it going.

Setting up your Ad Account

Now, if you want to run ads (even for boosted posts, so you can control who can access your page) you need to create an ad account; it’s better and easier for you to setup your own Ad account instead of having someone do it for you. From there you can give people the access they’ll need to do the work.

From your Business Manager you then add your Page (you have to), setup your Ad Account, and add other users like I mentioned.

When you setup your Ad Account, you need to add a credit card; they won’t charge anything, but they just need a credit card on file to even let you get into the system. Again, better to use your own card, but if you’re using a partner like us, we could use our card and bill you… really comes down to how you want to work with your partners. You can always change it later.

Quick aside - Facebook either bills at the end of the month, or when you hit a billing threshold (it starts at $25, then as you keep spending and your account is in good standing, it’ll increase to $50, $250, $500, and $750 if you’re spending that much.

I know those are big numbers, but Facebook ads are setup in a way that you have complete control of your budget, so if you don’t want to spend $500 you definitely don’t have to. And you only pay when people click (called pay per click or PPC), so if people don’t click, you don’t spend.

When you setup your ads, you can set all kinds of limits, from the amount you bid per click to budget either by campaign or by day, depending on what you want to accomplish.


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