About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you create an easier path to building your fanbase by providing you with superior service, the right digital tools and the knowledge to navigate the music industry in the digital age.

We offer combined 15 years of marketing experience in both traditional agency and performance based formats. We cover everything from public relations, fanbase growth, digital presence including websites, social media accounts, SEO, email marketing as well as sales of both digital and physical products.

Why did we start Ossia Marketing?

Nothing more than the love for music! We started this purely out of our want to help bands, promoters and labels grow their businesses so that we can continue to enjoy it. With the consistent decrease in album sales and ever changing digital landscape, DIY, Independent and even larger artists, promoters and labels need to use everything available to flourish.

Our Founders

Brent and Eric met over 12 years ago when they were studying abroad in Japan. They immediately became friends, bonded by their love of music, and travel the country together to see some of their favorite bands.

Brent Simpson

Brent’s love of music started at a young age. At 11 years old, he purchased his first cassette tape, Iron Maidens Somewhere in Time Album which remains a favorite. He attended his first live concert by age 13, Sepultura’s Chaos AD tour including Clutch, Fear Factory and Fudge Tunnel which led to his rabid consumption of music and concerts. While obtaining his college degree in music Management at Georgia State University, Brent spent his free time as a glorified street-teamer for SonyBMG, awarding him a gold record for his marketing work and being a local promoter in the flourishing Atlanta metal scene.

After moving to the Bay Area, California, Brent started his career in the digital performance marketing space. Managing both beginners in the marketing space to reach financial freedom and experts that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly on advertising, he’s applying 9 years of marketing experience to the indie music industry through Ossia Marketing. His goal is to help bands and artists try to reach financial freedom to continue to write, create and thrive.

Eric Kaplan

Eric has loved music from day one, learning piano as a wee lad and getting his first guitar as a gift from his uncle on his 12th birthday. He collected CDs as soon as he had money to buy them - The Offspring's Smash, Metallica's ...And Justice for All, and Led Zeppelin's IV were part of his starting collection. He attended his first live concert at age 14, No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom tour at the Electric Factory in Philly. That was just the beginning, and he’s continued to find his crowd and passion in the music scene. Eric graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Miami, and spent some time bartending after college before jumping full-time into advertising, branding, and marketing.

He moved from Philly to Seattle in 2016 and has continued delivering marketing and advertising campaigns across a spectrum of industries including non-profit, finance, healthcare, food and beverage, and automotive. He's worked with clients of all shapes and sizes, including local car dealers, global and local non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies. He also holds several industry certifications, including Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Search Certification, and Facebook Certified Media Planning. He’s bringing all that experience to Ossia Marketing to help local musicians grow their audiences and get their music out to new and old fans alike.

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