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Tango Alpha Tango Release New Single "You'll Be Something" With Accompanying Video

PORTLAND, Ore., August 13, 2021 -- Portland, Oregon rock ‘n’ roll band Tango Alpha Tango have released their latest single and music video “You’ll Be Something” today, directed by band members Nathan Trueb and Mirabai Carter, along with Jared Lichtenberg.

Watch “You’ll Be Something” here:

Portland, Oregon rock ‘n’ roll band, Tango Alpha Tango, cares not for porcelain vases. Consider them simply crash fodder, dust. The same can be said for silence. The band splits it in a million pieces to let in the nuclear light of music. They’re the crack in the bolt of lightning, the mortar shell splitting in the most impactful moment. This is why the experience of the band’s newest single, “You’ll Be Something,” is such a turn, a chance at fusing instead of fissure.

Comprised of and founded by high school sweetheart husband-and-wife duo, Nathan Trueb and Mirabai Carter, Tango Alpha Tango has wowed crowds from summer festivals (leaping from amplifiers in celebration) to the nearly 400,000 fans who’ve streamed the band’s 2014 live in-studio set for the famed Seattle radio station, KEXP 90.3 FM, inducing grins from their signature oomph. However, the band’s latest offering, “You’ll Be Something,” speaks differently. It’s more like the advice from your hero; something shared, to be kept eternal.

In a time when information abounds, both positively and negatively, to hear the voice of a friend can feel more and more rare. But that's exactly what’s heard on Tango Alpha Tango’s newest cut. It’s selfless, concerned. But, in a way, the tempest is always brewing. As such, the song is one to keep close like a family photo in a locket.

The track’s accompanying video, which features a grey-temples Trueb, and Mirabai Carter acting out a story they wrote that speaks to love and loss and the fragility of relationship. A jarring juxtaposition between the mundanity of familiarity and the consequence of passion. As the story unfolds we're reminded of how hard it can be to love when one doesn't feel worthy of love themselves. For a powerful group that shatters drinking glasses and expectations, “You’ll Be Something,” is adhesive to keep us together.

Singer and guitarist Nathan Trueb says about the video, “We are really excited about the new music we are starting to put out with this release. Making this music video was such a cathartic experience and it breathed new life into us when we weren’t able to tour or play any live shows.”

The band will celebrate the release of the single/video with a headlining set on August 20, 2021 at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, OR.

Stream the song:

Watch the video:

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