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The evolution of the Ossia logo

We’re pretty excited to be working with some great bands, and we want to share the evolution of our brand and logo with you. It started with a name: Ossia.

os·​sia | \ ōˈsēə\

Definition: Or else. Used as a direction in music to indicate an alternative and usually simpler form of a passage.

Ossia is a term in music indicating an alternative or simpler passage - Ossia Marketing is an alternate, and simpler, path for bands and musicians to grow their fanbase. It was born out of our love of music, and we’re here to help bands without making it difficult or complicated. 

Now with a name and a purpose, we tapped Drew Roulette from dredg and Dark Heavens, who took our concept and ran with it. We wanted the logo and to have a bit of the look and feel of a band logo, but with a focus on marketing. The angled logo uses the O from Ossia, and incorporates the remaining letters from the word. It reminded us of time signatures and music notes.

Drew was more than nice enough to go through rounds and rounds of concepts, and we have a couple of the early versions here. These are just a few of the early concepts, and the logo evolved from there, getting us to the final logo and word mark we have today. We also wanted to include 2 different color schemes for different use cases, which you'll see below.

Early logo concept sketches
Logo concepts, round 2

Current word mark, painted version
Final word mark
Final logo

It was really great working with Drew, he worked with us along the way and got us the place we all wanted to be. He's more of a painter which you can on his website and he commissions work (obviously logos too), and I'm sure he'd be happy to work with you if you're looking for badass art!


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